Semalt Expert Tells How To Scrape Website Data

Also known as web harvesting, website data scraping is a search engine optimization technique that involves pulling data from single or multiple sources. Data scraping technique is commonly used by marketers and digital consultants to hit their target market and generate quality content for their websites. Scraped website data is later stored in the form of registry files in datasheets.

Why data scraping?

As a webmaster, data scraping is an essential tool for your online campaign. Depending on your needs and specifications, you can decide to scrape and manage data for yourself or hire experts in web scraping. Here are tools commonly used by marketers to scrape website data.


Mozenda is a program that helps marketers to pull out data found in web pages without the use of programs. The software offers a one-month free trial version for their potential webmasters. Mozenda tool comprises of a friendly user interface that allows bloggers, marketing consultants, and online marketers to extract valuable data from single or multiple sources.

Mozenda has full and supportive online staff who answer messages, calls, and emails regarding your challenges in real time. The tool offers a money-back solution to clients who records complaints regarding Mozenda's methods of extracting data.

Web data lab

To scrape website data, you need to work with a tool that can quickly pull out and retrieve data from a site without programming. Web data lab is an essential tool that offers quality services such as web crawling, data automation, and screen scraping.

Web data lab delivers solutions to marketers working on extracting data and having their pages index and rank high in the algorithms. This tool is fast and efficient to use and marks high levels of accuracy. Visit the legit web data lab page to download a one-month trial version.


DataDome is the best tool for marketers working on blocking and preventing spiders and bots from scraping their content. Take advantage of DataDome tool to identify and analyze your new potentials in the digital marketing industry.

With DataDome, you can easily scrape website data and prevent online marketing fraud in real time. The tool also blocks spammers from taking over the control of your online account. Register and download a one-month trial version of scraping website data and hit your users with real content. DataDome comprises of welcoming and friendly support staff that offers advice on how to extract data both for online and offline purposes.


When it comes to web data scraping, quality matters. Don't let a simple mistake ruin your online campaign that you have been establishing for some years. Hired professionals and large firms can quickly do the crawling for you. WebCrawler gives marketers and bloggers an opportunity to explore the marketing industry. Hire WebCrawler and let the company crawl for you and pull out content and data for you.

The end justifies the means. After scraping data and information from a website, the way you store and manage that data matters a lot. Storing data in files and datasheets such as Excel is mostly recommended. Scrape website data with the highlighted tools above to have a solid marketing campaign.